Sonichu creator Chris Chan charged on incest charges after recorded confessions

Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual Assault, Mental Illness

Christine Weston Chandler, known online as Chris Chan, was arrested and charged with incest after a leaked phone conversation spread online.

Chandler, 39, is being held in the Henrico County jail in Virginia after the police brought her in on Sunday afternoon. No court date or bond has been set, a representative for the jail said. Her arraignment will be in Greene County, a sheriff told Newsweek.

On Friday morning, an eight-minute recording was posted on Kiwi Farms, a forum dedicated to discussing internet figures that began as a way to chronicle Chandler's online presence in 2013. In the recording, someone purporting to be Chandler discussed sexual interactions with her 79-year-old mother, Barbara.

Chandler has for decades been known in niche online spaces as the creator of Sonichu, an animated character that's a cross between Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Online discussion about Chandler and the character began around 2000, and her persona became more widely known around 2007.

Made my first ONTD post in years because I can't believe no one has posted here.
Have added KF link because while that place is a toilet, it has all the latest receipts.

<a href="">Kiwifarms Chris Chan page</a>

<a href="">Insider source</a>

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