'EVANGELION' finally came to an end after 26 years... How did it end (again)?

The fourth and final Evangelion movie 'Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a time' premiered yesterday closing everything up and putting in the world what's probably the last piece of Evangelion ever.

So... how did it end? Well, confusing as fuck. It wouldn't be Evangelion if it were simple, but here's a brief rundown of what happened:

- The world is basically destroyed but small villages have survived where they're protected from the debris of the impact due to some tech.
- Shinji, Rei and Asuka have stayed young while everyone else kept growing old. Shinji's friends from school are all grown up and they take Asuka and Rei to live with them. The whole first arc is about them living their normal life.
- Shinji gets to meet Koji and Misato's son. She gave him up 14 years ago.
- Misato and Ritsuko fix their big ass ship, they go down to earth to try to destroy the 13th eva but NERV almost takes them down.
- Mari and Asuka manage to almost take NERV down, but the EVA 02 goes down, Asuka's soul disappears. And Gendo, who's now a weird ass thing without eyes cause he said bye to his humanity, tries to start the 4th impact while he's on a different universe or some shit.
- Mari takes Shinji to this other universe while Misato and Ritsuko turn their ship in a huge ass lance to stop the 4th impact. Misato dies getting the lance to Shinji.
- Shinji takes Eva 01 and Gendo takes it's twin, the Eva 13, and they lipsync fight for their lives. They fight in the alt universe and it's weird as fuck cause they fight on the movie set, which i guess is kinda meta, but they also fight in common locations from the tv show.
- Shinji understands that his dad is a fucking simp that did all of this to say goodbye to his mom.
- Shinji uses the final lance to kill all the Evas at once (which is a pretty cool scene).
- Shinji talks and releases the souls of Asuka, Gendo, Rei and Kaworu.
- There are some weird animation choices but many years have passed, society has been rebuilt and Mari and Shinji meet on a train station, and they're kinda together...i think? The final shot is them running away from the train station...on live action... idk...


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