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ONTD Original: 5 underrated versatile actors

Now, before i show you the 5 actors i would like to say first that the likes of Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Amy Adams are not added in this post mostly because i think we can all agree they are versatile and they have also recieved recognition from the academy. So, with that being said, i leave you with 5 actors i consider to be underrated in terms of how good they can pull off action, drama and comedy or action, drama and musical just like that.

Jason Statham

We know Jason from Crank and Transporter but he was quite the revelation in Spy and then there's also his Guy Ritchie collaborations that show us he has range and can deliver some emotion from time to time as well.

Melissa McCarthy

Yes, i know she has gotten 2 Oscar noms and yes i know she's always making movies, but i still feel like she should be in more things, at least in more quality things. Also, her performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me? Has shown us how versatile she is as an actress, she can be more than the loud messy friend.

Antonio Banderas

The way this man can effortlessly do action, western, horror, drama AND comedy? He's the definition of versatile, he was nominated for an Academy for his incredible performance in Dolor y Gloria and IMO should have been the winner that year. He's also pretty good at voice acting too.

Emily Blunt

Emily can do musicals, she can also do action and now with A Quiet Place she's also killing it in the horror genre.

Colin Farrell

With this man you get breakfast, lunch and dinner right there. First you get his early films where there's thrill, action, crime, a bit of drama and him looking quite hot tbh. Then  you get his collabs with Yorgos which are pretty good, on top of that you get comedy and him going ugly for Horrible Bosses and now the Disney kiddie stuff he seems to be doing because, why not?. Next year we will see him as the penguin and i know he will deliver.

ONTD, which actor do you think is underrated?

from Oh No They Didn't!


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