Game of Thrones Actress Remembers the Scene That Was "The Worst Day of My Life"

GoT's Hannah Waddingham, who played Unella (one of the Septa of the Faith of Seven that served under the High Sparrow) has called shooting a scene in which her character was tortured “the worst day of [the actress'] life.”

While she was flying out to film the scene in question, she received script updates telling her to wear a wetsuit.

She says, "Other than childbirth, it was the worst day of my life. Lena [Headey] was uncomfortable pouring liquid on my face for that long and I was beside myself. In those moments you have to think 'Do you serve the peace and get on with it?' Or do you chicken out and go, 'No, this isn't what I signed up for."

She also added, "I had no voice at all to barely whisper, bruises already coming up like I'd been attacked. I was like, 'I've basically just been waterboarded for ten hours."


I don't even know what the fuck to say. She should sue.

from Oh No They Didn't!

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