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The Tale of the Elusive Photograph: 1984, Kardashian Edition

On Saturday night, an unfiltered picture of Khloe Kardashian taken from her grandmother's IG started making the rounds on social media. There is nothing virtually wrong with that picture. In fact, people on the KUTK subreddit and Twitter actually were komplimenting Khloe and talking about how much better she looks without all the facetune and filters that make her look like an IMVU avatar. But did that wave of kompliments please the Kardashians? Not really.

Soon enough, people on reddit, instagram, and twitter began reporting that their posts were being removed and receiving kopyright strikes. People claimed they were being messaged by people form the Kardashian Kamp, telling them to please delete the picture and in other case, even threatened legal aktion.

People on reddit even posted messages that supposedly kame from Spelling Bee Khampion, Kim Kardashian.

Since this of kourse kreated a Streisand Effect, things seem to have kooled down so people are now posting the picture all over social media and kalling out the Kardashians. So far the klan hasn't said anything and have stuck to posting ig stories showing us how rich they are. As for Khloe, she has posted other pictures from the same trip, though they look nothing like the picture the klan seems desperate to erase.

And right as I was about to hit post, I found out supposedly the picture actually was taken by an assistant. While I don't know what to believe anymore, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

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ONTD, will you visit me in jail after the kardashians sue me?

from Oh No They Didn't!


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