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Ay Dios Mio! The Spanish Dubs are at it again! Tobey Maguire's dub actor confirms he's returning.

- Roger Pera, the spanish dub actor who voiced Tobey Maguire for the first three Spiderman films (The Raimi ones) confirms he's been called to voice him again in 'Spiderman No Way Home'.

- Disney/Marvel Snipers acted quickly and took down the original video, and the original uploader edited that part out and reuploaded it without it, but nothing is truly gone from the internet. The original video is in the tweet above.

- When asked about him voicing Spiderman once again he answers: "When I open instagram, i get a lot of questions but that's the one i get asked the most. Sometimes i get to keep in contact with people of studios like Warner, and in this case it's Sony, and i've heard a lot of stuff about this (film) and at first i thought 'all of this has to be fake, right?' but it's not fake, and i will be dubbing him."

- Lately the spanish dubs have cause a bit of controversy since one revealed Supernatural's Dean told 'I love you' back to Castiel and another one revealed Evan Peters playing Quicksilver in Wandavision.


ONTD, do you think Spanish dubs are the new Wikileaks? What entertainment mystery do you think the Spanish dubs will reveal next?

from Oh No They Didn't!


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