Prince William's friend says: "Prince William is absolutely not racist!"

In an effort to quash accusations of racism (that no one had actually made against him) and prove that he is absolutely positively indubitably NOT one of the ones who asked about Archie's potential skin colour, Prince William has undertaken a nonstop royal PR campaign. First, he made an unnecessary appearance at some random event - fairly regular for most royal activities. But something was different about this event. There was something truly special. Because, this time, for no reason that was explained, Billy's retinue included an as-yet unnamed Emergency Black Person (who was also dressed in suitably "ethnic" attire). This woman - no hate to her, I hope she got paid for this nosense - didn't speak or do anything, she was simply there.Presumably to emphasise how much the palaces care about "diversity."
After informing a journalist that his family is definitely absotively NOT racist, a "friend" has now emerged to echo this in a new interview/op-ed where OBE Seyi Obakan claims that "his friend PW is NOT racist." Apparently, Mr Obakan and William "slept rough" one night. Sadly, this is not an allusion to a Brokeback Royal Experience. Instead, Bill spent a night cosplaying as a homeless person for a homeless charity event (organised by Mr Obakan).

Well, that answers that. We can now confirm that Big Willy, future king of England, is in NO WAY racist.

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