In the battle between the old & new gods neither win. American Gods cancelled

-The show with just about the worst luck has finally met its end. After 3 seasons, American Gods is no more.

-1st season showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller who set the tone for the series left the series at the end of Season 1 due to creative/budgetary reasons with Starz. Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth who played Media and Easter also quit once Fuller was gone.

-Season 2 came out almost 2 years after Season 1 and new showrunner Jesse Alexander was allegedly let go after how messy production became during Season 2.

-Charles “Chic” Eglee took over showrunning duties for Season 3 and in doing so got rid of Orlando Jones and Mousa Kraish right before production begun.

-Starz may do a wrap up movie as Season 4 was to conclude the book the series is adapted from but nothing announced yet.

Jacquel and Ibis — mullderscully: Gillian Anderson as Lucy Ricardo in...

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