Everyone Loves the McElroys, So Why Is Everyone Mad at the McElroys?

Today in "When I started listening to this podcast in Jan, I had no idea there was this much resentment brewing" news:

Well, let's step back. If you don't know who the McElroy family is, they're three brothers who have a podcast (multiple podcasts), the most prolilfic one is "My Brother, My Brother, and Me", and their second most prolific one in "The Adventure Zone", a DnD spinoff that adds their father.

It's fun. I like them.

A lot of people are complaining about the latest entry in the series, "Graduation", with DM "Your middlest brother", Travis:

  • Mainly rookie DMing mistakes.

  • Loooot of NPC chatter. Someone listed 86 different NPCs

  • There was an in-world accounting class the PCs had to take. I thought it was pretty funny but I get how that doesn't make for the best podcasting.

  • There's some *point point nudge nudge* look I'm being diverse winks, especially regarding one character and her floating magical wheelchair.

  • That nasty phrase, "performative wokeness" by fans rears its ugly head.

Also how fans (mainly white ones), aim to shut down legitimate criticism

  • The brothers themselves are aiming to do better - They worked with a diversity consultant for the Graphic Novels of the "Balance" arc - but when white fandom gets pissy, watch out.

  • "A fandom built on comfort will fight nail and tooth to stay comfortable, and the truth of the matter was early on, there just wasn't enough fans of color in the McElroy brand/fandom to really make their comfort count for a long time." - (Real good quote, anonymous POC. I like that)


I picked up the Balance Graphic novel on a whim in BAM in Jan and just fell in love with all of this. I'm a WOC and I do think they're genuinely trying to improve, but they're not infalliable and can be called out fairly. I can't say much about the DMing bc I'm new to DnD myself.

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