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Deadline: Netflix to buy "Knives Out" sequels for $400 million

Netflix Near $400M+ Deal For ‘Knives Out’ 2 & 3; Daniel Craig & Director Rian Johnson Reprising — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) March 31, 2021 The original Knives Out was made for $40 million and grossed over $300 million worldwide in its initial 2019 theatrical run. Netflix is preparing to shell out lots of money for the rights to the sequels, a large sum that is necessary partly because of the need to buy out star Daniel Craig's contractual profit participation guarantee. It also helped that director/producer Rian Johnson engineered a bidding war between Netflix, Apple and Amazon for the rights. Crying in the corner is Lionsgate, which distributed the original film but didn't have any stake in the sequels, the first of which is scheduled to begin production in Greece at the end of June.  Casting will soon commence. Deadline from Oh No They Didn't!

Kelvin Harrison Jr. to Star in 'Chevalier de Saint-Georges'

Kelvin Harrison Jr. Lands Lead in Searchlight’s Period Biopic ‘Chevalier de Saint-Georges’ — Variety (@Variety) April 1, 2021 Kelvin Harrison Jr. ( Waves , Luce ) has been cast as the lead in Chevalier de Saint-Georges , an upcoming period biopic about the artist known by the same name. The illegitimate son of a French plantation owner and an enslaved African woman, Chevalier de Saint-Georges became an acclaimed violinist, composer, and fencer. He rose to fame in French society, but after an love affair gone wrong and a falling out with Marie Antoinette and her court, his downfall was swift. The film is set to be directed by Stephen Williams ( Westworld ), with a script by Emmy-nominated Stefani Robinson ( Atlanta ). Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Britney Spears’ Father Wants Her Estate To Pay Millions For His Own Lawyer Fees

Someone start polishing Jamie Spears ' father of the year trophy... Britney Spears ' father has reportedly filed a request that the estate of his daughter to pay more than $3 million in conservatorship fees including close to $2 million to his own lawyers. Britney Spears' dad wants her to pay the huge bill in their legal battle — Page Six (@PageSix) March 31, 2021 source / #freebritney ontd, has your father ever finically profited off controlling your life and career for over a decade then requested millions to cover his lawyer fees? from Oh No They Didn't!

Colin Firth to Star in Adaptation of "The Staircase" for HBO

Colin Firth will play convicted murderer Michael Peterson in a dramatic limited series based on the documentary series "The Staircase." A bit confusing? "The Staircase" is a documentary that followed novelist Michael Peterson throughout the trial for the murder of his wife, Kathleen . HBO has ordered a fictionalized adaptation, since there is apparently not enough true crime content out there. View Poll: #2109851 source from Oh No They Didn't!

'Game of Thrones' Play in the Works for Broadway

George RR Martin: 'The seeds of war are often planted in times of peace ... [This] is a tourney oft referred during HBO's Game of Thrones, and in my novels … now, at last, we can tell the whole story... on the stage” — James Hibberd (@JamesHibberd) March 30, 2021 George R.R. Martin is co-writing a play that is a prequel to the 'A Song of Ice Fire' series. The play is about the Tourney at Harrenhall and will apparently feature a "young, shy Ned Stark, his rebellious sister Lyanna, cocky teenage Jaime Lannister, powerful Lord Robert Baratheon, lovestruck Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, dashing Prince Oberyn Martell and noble knight Ser Barristan Selmy". “The seeds of war are often planted in times of peace,” Martin said in a statement. “Few in Westeros knew the carnage to come when highborn and smallfolk alike gathered at Harrenhal to watch the finest knights of the realm compete in a great tourney, during the Year of the False Spring. It

Ryan Reynolds Gets Vaccinated

Actor Ryan Reynolds took to social media to share that he received the vaccine for COVID-19 and it true fashion also made a joke at the same time. Of course the photo and caption then started getting attention online. Finally got 5G. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) March 31, 2021 source ontd, do ya'll think the joke landed and should more celebs posts photos of themselves getting vaccinated? from Oh No They Didn't!

Sarah Michelle Gellar to headline Amazon pilot, "Hot Pink"

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been tapped to headline Hot Pink, a biting coming-of-age comedy for Amazon — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) March 31, 2021 SMG is headlining an Amazon YA pilot, Hot Pink (created by Elisabeth Holm and loosely inspired by a book, What Girls Are Made Of). It explores “the real, knotted, messy, thriving heartbeat of young womanhood” through the eyes of a 16-year-old girl. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Did 'THE FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER' casually revealed Bucky's bisexuality?

Falcon and the Winter Solider fans think Bucky Barnes just came out as bisexual — PinkNews (@PinkNews) March 26, 2021 - During the first episode of 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Bucky talks about his experiences with online dating and he mentions '“It’s pretty crazy. A lot of weird pictures. I mean, tiger photos? Half the time, I don’t even know what I’m looking at. It’s a lot.” - People have taken the “tiger photos” remark as proof that Bucky is bisexual and was looking for men online, since tiger pictures had been famous on dating apps but they're especially prevalent on men’s profiles. - The show has also been accused of queerbaiting for some scenes in episode 2 between Bucky and Sam. Source ONTD, do you believe Bucky is bi? from Oh No They Didn't!

Jensen Ackles set to voice Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween

‘Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One’ Sets Voice Cast (Exclusive) — The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) March 31, 2021 After previously voicing Jason Todd in Batman: Under The Red Hood , Jensen is set as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween . Naya Rivera, who completed her voice work before her death, is Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Josh Duhamel is Harvey Dent, Billy Burke is James Gordon, Titus Welliver is Carmine Falcone, David Dastmalchian is Calendar Man, Troy Baker is Joker, Amy Landecker is Barbara Gordon, and Jack Quaid is Alberto. Part one is expected to be released in spring or summer. The Long Halloween tells the story of Batman early in his career and a murderer named Holiday attacking Gotham once a month. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Chet Hanks Bloodied After Ex-GF's Alleged Knife Attack

A video was released showing Chet Hanks bloodied after an alleged knife attack from his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker. — HotNewHipHop (@HotNewHipHop) March 31, 2021 A video was recently released showing the aftermath of an alleged assault on Chet Hanks by his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker. The altercation took place on January 8. In the video, Chet accuses Kiana of attacking him with a knife. His face is dripping with blood as cuts appear on his forehead. Kiana denies cutting him.  Hanks' lawyer: "The day after Chet Hanks confronted Kiana Parker about stealing money from his credit card, while Ms. Parker was accompanied by a huge male carrying a gun she viciously attacked Chet with a knife, which caused him to profusely bleed. It is all on video and the undisputed video tells the whole story. Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional." Parker says that she arrived at Hanks' home to move her stuff out. She says Chet was anta

Melissa Benoist slips into her Supergirl costume and films the final series in Vancouver

Supergirl Melissa Benoist appeared to be in high spirits as she was seen smiling while filming in Vancouver, Canada, two days ago. She was seen laughing in her full form-fitting Supergirl costume, all with a red cape and matching red boots. Melissa was wearing a long black puffer jacket over her Supergirl suit, along with a medical face mask between takes. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

10 (5) Things You Didn't Know About Nicole Byer--by Nicole Byer

10 Things You Didn't Know About Nicole Byer--by Nicole Byer — E! News (@enews) March 31, 2021 If you're familiar with comedian, actress, podcaster, and Nailed It! host Nicole Byer then you'll know she's basically an open book, whether it's about her dating life, career, or opinions. But there might be some things you don't know! Here are a few, according to Nicole herself: The best gift she's ever recieved are a pair of yin-yan balls given to her by Sasheer Zamata (co-host of Byer's Best Friends podcast) even though she's "truly not sure what they're for". She would probably be a mechanic or a bus driver if she didn't have her current career because she likes cars "and buses are just big cars". She hates pickles. In fact, any food that is vinegar-based repulses her. And mustard. The cultural phenomenon she couldn't get into was Game of Thrones, as she's not a 'fantasy girl

Remembering Selena Quintanilla Perez: Her Widower Speaks

Selena Quintanilla's Husband Chris Pérez Says Her Murder 'Was the Hardest Thing' He's Ever Dealt With​ — People (@people) March 29, 2021 Today is 26 years since Latina music icon Selena Quintanilla Perez was murdered by the president of her fan club. In an all-new episode of E! True Hollywood Story, her husband and guitarist Chris Perez detailed the grief he endured after losing the love of his life at the hands of her close friend and business partner. "It was traumatic, it was the hardest thing up until that point that I had ever had to go through. I [still] miss her face, her laughter. She was just an amazing soul, an amazing spirit...I used to never tell people I love them, you know? Or I miss them, or just give them gifts just because. I learned those things and many, many other things from her." He also revealed the pain of having to finish the instrumentals of her English songs without his wife. The songs were for the En

James Charles accused of another nude photo exchange/grooming involving a minor

A 15-year-old teenage boy has recently shared screenshots on TikTok from conversations and photos he had exchanged with beauty guru James Charles. This is included in Vulture's timeline below: A complete timeline of the James Charles allegations and controversies — Vulture (@vulture) March 30, 2021 What the article does not mention is that all the Kardashian/Jenners and Iggy Azealea (who recently collabed with him) have unfollowed JC on social media. Will this finally be his downfall or will he continue to latch on to teenager Charli D'Amelio? source from Oh No They Didn't!

FKA Twigs Talks about the homage in "Montero" After continuous "Yes, but did he ever mention it?" across social media, FKA Twigs has responded about a secret conversation. fkatwigs: thank you @lilnasx for our gentle honest conversations and for acknowledging the inspiration cellophane gave you and your creative team in creating your iconic video! i think what you have done is amazing and i fully support your expression and bravery in pushing culture forward for the queer community. legend status. i want to thank @andrewthomashuang and @kelyvon for helping me create cellophane but also and most importantly i would like to thank sex workers and strippers for providing the physical language to make both videos possible. i have been working with @swarmhive to help support this community and i know all donations to the swarm hardship fund will be welcome during this difficult time. link in bio x src from Oh No They Didn't!

Mortal Kombat Release Date Pushed Back

‘Mortal Kombat’ Release Date Pushed Back — Variety (@Variety) March 30, 2021 Originally scheduled for April 16th, it's now April 23. So it doesn't clash with Godzilla vs Kong ticket sales. It's fine. I'm fine. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Anthony Mackie Reveals His Crush. Is It... You??

Anthony Mackie, movie star, has revealed his celebrity crush. Hold your breath: Mackie: "I would go on a date with Jamie Lee Curtis, she was so beautiful in Trading Places," Mackie revealed. "Jamie Lee Curtis, golf clap." Some photos to remind you of her: View Poll: #2109833 Comment ur celebrity crush. source from Oh No They Didn't!

Celebs React: The Murder Trial of Derek Chauvin, Day 2

Dear #DonaldWilliams , For what you did that day and for how you stood strong today, thank you. Question: Did you make a 911 call? Williams: I did call the police on the police. Question: Why'd you do that? Williams: I believe I witnessed a murder. — Ava DuVernay (@ava) March 30, 2021 Today was day two of the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who killed George Floyd last year. Highlights (some details are very distressing): Six witnesses were interviewed, including 4 minors. The defense repeatedly tried to paint former MMA fighter and security guard Donald Williams as an "angry" bystander to which he replied that he was controlled and professional. From then 17 year old Darnella Frazier who filmed death of George Floyd: "There have been nights I stayed up apologizing & apologizing to George Floyd for not doing more & not physically interacting & not saving his life. But it’s like not what I

Britney Spears says she "cried for two weeks" after watching documentary

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) For the first time since the release of NYTimes/Hulu's "Framing Britney Spears," the princess of pop herself has *commented on the documentary. In an Instagram post she shared Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Spears wrote: "I didn't watch the documentary but from what I did see of it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in ... I cried for two weeks and well .... I still cry sometimes." She says she needs to dance every night to Steven Tyler's music for own sanity. *Fans say she didn't actually write this Instagram post herself because she wouldn't feel this way if she had actually watched the documentary. They think her team wants the fans to think the documentary actually hurt, not helped, her. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

What year is it? Brandon Boyd to be a guest mentor on American Idol

It might be time to log off ONTD and set an away message! Incubus' Brandon Boyd To Be A Guest Mentor For American Idol All-Star Duets — 102.7 KIIS FM (@1027KIISFM) March 30, 2021 -He announced he will be "going into the TV" to help out on Celebrity Duets Week -He'll be joined by other celebrities that will truly leave you wondering what year/decade it is: Joss Stone, Jewel, Jimmie Allen, PJ Morton, Ben Rector, Tori Kelly, Jason Aldean, Josh Groban, Ryan Tedder, and Brian McKnight -During these COVID times, he's been working on a solo album of cover songs Source Join him Sunday AND Monday at 8|7c on ABC from Oh No They Didn't!

EXO's Kai is named Bobbi Brown's Asia Pacific Muse

Kim Jongin (stage name Kai) is named the official Bobbi Brown's Asia Pacific muse, the accounts for Bobbi Brown Korea, Bobbi Brown Thailandia and Bobbi Brown Japan published photos of the artist with the products he is going to sponsor. He will model for the Intensive Skin Serum Radiance Collection & will feature in First Look magazine vol. 206, to be unveiled April 1st [INFO] 210326 Kai is named Bobbi Brown's Asia Pacific Muse 🎊 He will model for the Intensive Skin Serum Radiance Collection & will feature in First Look magazine vol. 206, to be unveiled April 1st along with more content! 🔗: #BBAsiaPacificMuseKAI — INTLKAI (@INTLKJI) March 26, 2021 #KAIGLOW #카이 가 프레스티지 뷰티 브랜드 #바비브라운 의 #아시아뮤즈 로 발탁되었습니다. 감각적인 비트와 독보적인 춤선으로 완성한 #카이글로우 댄스 영상을 만나보세요. #퍼스트룩 216호의 카이 2종 커버는 다음 주 공개됩니다. 카이 보유국 대한민국 만세! #BobbiBrown #KAI @weareoneEXO — 1stlookofficial (@1stlookofficial) March 26

Welcome to The O.C., bitches! Podcast Announcement Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts) + Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper-Nichol-Atwood) announced that they are launching an O.C-themed podcast. The first episode is set to drop April 27th. Former cast members, writers and musicians will also be making appearances. source Favourite episode/moment? from Oh No They Didn't!

Everyone Loves the McElroys, So Why Is Everyone Mad at the McElroys?

The McElroy family and its fandom have found themselves at an uncomfortable crossroads. What happens when your family business is being a family? And also the fandom is your family? — Gita Jackson: The Mandawhoreian (@xoxogossipgita) March 30, 2021 Today in "When I started listening to this podcast in Jan, I had no idea there was this much resentment brewing" news: Well, let's step back. If you don't know who the McElroy family is, they're three brothers who have a podcast (multiple podcasts), the most prolilfic one is "My Brother, My Brother, and Me", and their second most prolific one in "The Adventure Zone", a DnD spinoff that adds their father. It's fun. I like them. A lot of people are complaining about the latest entry in the series, "Graduation", with DM "Your middlest brother", Travis: Mainly rookie DMing mistakes. Loooot of NPC chatter. Someone listed 86 different NPCs The

Ariana Grande Is Joining The Voice For Season 21

surprise !!! i am beyond thrilled, honored, excited to be joining @kellyclarkson @johnlegend @blakeshelton next season ~ season 21 of @nbcthevoice ! 🤍 @nickjonas we will miss you — Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) March 30, 2021 Ariana Grande took to social media to announce that she’ll be a coach on season 21 of The Voice alongside Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton. She will be taking Nick Jonas’ spot. No word yet if she’ll get a custom chair that reads “I Want Yuh.” Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Adam Brody Revealed How He First Met Leighton Meester

"I was very attracted to her from the jump." — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) March 30, 2021 source They first met 15 years ago at a deli in LA when Josh Schwartz introduced the OC cast to the GG one They later co-stared in The Oranges, and started dating one year after that now they are married with two kids "I was very attracted to her from the jump. She's a heavenly creature. [I] thought she was gorgeous. And even when we did the movie, there was chemistry there, but I was seeing someone." "But I had no idea whether she was a good person or not. And, in fact, kind of assumed she probably wasn't for like the first handful of years that I didn't know her, just because, I don't know, Gossip Girl." "She is the strongest, best person I know. She is my moral compass and North Star, and I just can't say enough good things about her character. It's crazy." "She's never been rude to a sin

Kirsten Dunst is pregnant with her second child!

In 2018, Dunst announced her first pregnancy in an @OfficialRodarte lookbook. Now, Dunst debuts her second pregnancy in the pages of W, wearing a custom white lace dress made by her friends, the Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy. See more here: — W Magazine (@wmag) March 30, 2021 Appearing in the directors' issue of W Magazine, Kirsten announced that she and Jesse Plemons are expecting their second child. The baby will join their two year old son Ennis. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Rami Malek was Too Private for Rachel Bilson's Throwback Pic

Rachel Bilson recalls being "a little bummed" when her high school friend Rami Malek asked her to take down a throwback photo she posted. — Entertainment Weekly (@EW) March 30, 2021 While on Dax Shepard's damn podcast, Rachel Bilson talked about an awkward interaction with her high school friend, future Oscar winner Rami Malek. " Rami was a good friend of mine ," Bilson said. " We were the same crew. We did The Crucible together senior year. We were the leads in it together, all these things. We kind of kept in contact a little bit ." " I had posted a throwback of us from our senior trip to New York, Broadway. We were super-nerdy, just the dorkiest picture of both of us. But I throw it up 'cause it's funny, and I think it's so important to be able to make fun of yourself, and he had like a gold chain, and I'm like , 'Rami where'd you get the gold chain?' Whatever. So I'm just being f

Amber Heard reacts to Johnny Depp losing appeal to overturn "wife beater" ruling

Thank you — Amber Heard (@realamberheard) March 26, 2021 Amber Heard shared a series of posts on social media, notably the verdict after Johnny Depp was denied an appeal after the court ruled he assaulted Heard on at least 12 occasions, thus making him a "wife beater". The actress also reflected on wearing the same dress for the first time she reported Depp for domestic violence in 2016, to having to testify against him in Depp's UK libel lawsuit against The Sun in 2020: "One dress, four years apart. Sometimes it’s important to wear the same thing twice". Depp still plans to fight Heard in court over another defamation lawsuit in VA that was delayed to 2022. Source , Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Sharon Osborne Exiting The Talk with a Payout Up to $10 Million Dollars

Today in Ew! Gross news... Sharon Osborne is reportedly walking away as co-host of The Talk with a rumored $10 million dollar payout after allegations of racist behavior. The cherry on top of it all is that she gets to spin the narrative to look as if it was HER decision to leave. Sharon Osbourne reportedly exited ‘The Talk’ with a payout of up to $10 million amid allegations of racist behavior: “Sharon is walking away with a $5 to $10 million minimum payout and was able to spin that it was her decision [to leave the show]" 🔗: — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) March 29, 2021 source from Oh No They Didn't!

Ready for Cats 2.0? I think not! Thundercats movie in development at WB!

EXCLUSIVE: #GodzillaVsKong director Adam Wingard is set to direct Thundercats for Warner Bros. #Thundercats — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) March 29, 2021 -WB has greenlit a Thundercats film from director Adam Wingard! -Adam is a HUGE Thundercats fan and has no plans to give us an action version of Cats. -The tv series will be a jumping off point and stay true to the characters. He has no interest in trying to do a drastic change of the characters looks or storyline. -Will be a mixture of CGI/live action. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

In the battle between the old & new gods neither win. American Gods cancelled

#AmericanGods Cancelled at Starz After 3 Seasons — (@TVLine) March 30, 2021 -The show with just about the worst luck has finally met its end. After 3 seasons, American Gods is no more. -1st season showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller who set the tone for the series left the series at the end of Season 1 due to creative/budgetary reasons with Starz. Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth who played Media and Easter also quit once Fuller was gone. -Season 2 came out almost 2 years after Season 1 and new showrunner Jesse Alexander was allegedly let go after how messy production became during Season 2. -Charles “Chic” Eglee took over showrunning duties for Season 3 and in doing so got rid of Orlando Jones and Mousa Kraish right before production begun. -Starz may do a wrap up movie as Season 4 was to conclude the book the series is adapted from but nothing announced yet. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Nike sues company over for the Lil Nas X "satanic shoe" merch

Nike is suing the company that released Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes" in an infringement lawsuit filed in federal court on Monday. — NBC News (@NBCNews) March 30, 2021 Nike filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit Monday against the company that released a controversial customized version of its sneakers in collaboration with the rapper Lil Nas X. Nike filed the suit — Lil Nas X was not named as a defendant — after many people said they believed it was involved with the shoes, even though it released a statement over the weekend saying it had nothing to do with them. The lawsuit argues that Nike must maintain control over its brand "by setting the record straight" about what products bear its distinctive "swoosh" logo. "In fact, there is already evidence of significant confusion and dilution occurring in the marketplace, including calls to boycott Nike in response to the launch of MSCHF's Satan Shoes based

Noted piece of shit Armie Hammer lost another job for being a shitbag

Armie Hammer has been dropped from Amma Asante's Cold War thriller “Billion Dollar Spy,” in the wake of sexual assault allegations. — Variety (@Variety) March 29, 2021 Variety's reporting that confirmed asshole and alleged sexual assaulter Armie Hammer has been dropped from another project - this time a Cold War era movie called 'Billion Dollar Spy' from director Amma Asante, also costarring Mads Mikkelsen. At this point, the article notes, all current/future projects Hammer was attached to (the JLo romcom, 'The Godfather' series, etc) let him go in the past couple of months. The only thing left on his list of potential projects is... the “Call Me By Your Name” sequel. Good luck with that ever getting filmed at this point. Source: from Oh No They Didn't!

'Who Killed Sara?' star Manolo Cardona on getting in shape for the show + it's been renewed for S2!

'Who Killed Sara?' star Manolo Cardona on getting in shape for the show — Page Six (@PageSix) March 29, 2021 -His character was a personal trainer who spent 18 years in jail, so he would work out for 2 hours a day -He said it was hard at first, but good in the end because it meant he was in shape -He's friends with fellow Colombian Sofia Vergara and they laugh a lot when they hang out -Plus the show has been renewed for a second season, despite it's drop on Netflix only 5 days ago! Source ONTD, feel free to discuss this show or your workout regimen.... beware of spoilers in the comments, though! from Oh No They Didn't!

Tom Hiddleston Flaunts His Sexxxy Legs on a Workout in London

In a rare sighting, Tom Hiddleston was seen heading back home following an early morning workout in London — (@JustJared) March 29, 2021 Tom Hiddleston is showing his his muscular gams off in some curve-hugging spandex. He finished a workout, then took a walk around his hometown of London. No word on whether his mighty calves will make it into Thor: Love and Thunder . Why not, though, since every other actor in the world will apparently be in that movie? View Poll: #2109808 source from Oh No They Didn't!

Russell Crowe has joined the cast of Marvel’s Thor: Love And Thunder

Russell Crowe has joined the cast of Marvel’s Thor: Love And Thunder #ThorLoveAndThunder — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) March 29, 2021 Deadline exclusively reports that Russell Crowe has joined the cast of Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder. Deadline also states that Crowe has been spotted hanging out with the Thor cast “all over Australia.” No word on his role. Crowe joins Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Christian Bale in the fourth installment of the Thor series. Taika Waititi is back as the director and the plot is being kept under wraps The film is set to be released on May 6, 2022. — Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) March 27, 2021 Sources: 1, 2 from Oh No They Didn't!

Aldis Hodge shows ONTD the Black Adam movie actually did cast attractive actors

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aldis Hodge (@aldis_hodge) In order to repent for my Noah Scentedmayo post, I present you Aldis Hodge posting some thirst traps and showing us he's been working hard for the upcoming Black Adam movie. Aldis will be playing Hawkman. source ONTD, will you be now watching the Black Adam filme? from Oh No They Didn't!

Lil Nas X Responds to Joyner Lucas Over ‘MONTERO’ Criticism

Lil Nas X claps back at Joyner Lucas over "Montero" video criticism — Rap-Up (@RapUp) March 29, 2021 Rapper Joyner Lucas criticized Lil Nas X’s music video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” on Twitter. X responded and Joyner countered with a now deleted tweet:“Bruh you literally won and accepted Nickelodeon kids choice awards for this record. 😭 Wym? @LilNasX.” That @LilNasX video is wild but as a artist he doing everything he supposed to do. Creating viral moments, making people talk, & creating content he already knew you was going to react to. It’s a formula guaranteed to work. I doubt he actually worships the devil. — Joyner Lucas (@JoynerLucas) March 28, 2021 I think the biggest problem for me is the fact he dont understand “old town road” is every kids anthem. Children love him for that record. They tuned in and subscribed to his channels. So with no disclaimer he just dropped some left field is

Amanda Seyfried Replaces Kate McKinnon in 'The Dropout'

She replaces Kate McKinnon who in February exited the limited drama series #TheDropout — Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) March 29, 2021 Amanda Seyfried is set to star as disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes in the Hulu limited series The Dropout . Kate McKinnon was previously cast in the role, but left the project in February. Seyfried will also serve as a producer; filming is expected to start this summer. SOURCE from Oh No They Didn't!

Megan Thee Stallion Donates $50,000 After 'Senseless' Atlanta Spa Shootings: ‘Enough Is Enough’

Megan Thee Stallion Donates $50,000 After 'Senseless' Atlanta Spa Shootings: ‘Enough Is Enough’​ — People (@people) March 29, 2021 Megan Thee Stallion is teaming up with Fashion Nova and journalist/activist May Lee to donate $50,000 following the tragic shooting at three Asian-owned spas in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16. Eight people were killed, of whom six were Asian women. A 21-year old man has been arrested for the murders. The non-profit receiving the money, Advancing Justice Atlanta , is dedicated to the rights of Asian Americans in Georgia and the Southeast. Sources: Twitter , Instagram from Oh No They Didn't!

Cardi B announces haircare line to ‘educate’ the masses on Afro-Latina hair

Cardi B launching haircare line as controversial video sparks debate about Afro-Latina hair — Metro Entertainment (@Metro_Ents) March 29, 2021 Cardi via Instagram stories (March 28th, 2021). 🤯 — Fan Account | #BLM 💎 (@BardiUpdatess) March 28, 2021 Cardi sparked a strong reaction after sharing a video of her long and flowing natural hair while posing in just her underwear. Her followers clashed with each other arguing whether her hair was able to grow long because of her Latina heritage.  I think I’m going to a video of different Hispanic people or Latin people or w.e terms is the correct way to say it now a days cause people be thinking every Hispanic is Mexican or something & must have the same hair texture,color and features 😫 — iamcardib (@iamcardib) March 29, 2021 Hair texture def don’t make you a race however I am Afro Latina .Being Afro Latina don’t mean you have to amara la Negra color

"The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon" Is Facing Backlash For Its TikTok Dance Segment With Addison Rae

"Addison has been catapulted to being the face of viral dances created by mostly Black TikTokers." — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) March 28, 2021 Addison Rae teaches Jimmy Fallon a series of TikTok dances. Twitter called out the show for not properly crediting the creators of the dances. Some highlighted the missed opportunity for the original Black creators. This is the second time Fallon has done the segment, with Charli D'Amelio previously showing the dances. Black creators not getting credit for their dances on TikTok is unfortunately not a new problem. A viral video can be what launches your career,. im literally screaming — - (@leftistexe) March 28, 2021 source , 2 from Oh No They Didn't!

Jason Derulo and girlfriend Jena Frumes are expecting first child together

Jason Derulo is expecting his first child with girlfriend Jena Frumes. 🍼 — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) March 28, 2021 Jason Derulo is expecting his first child with girlfriend Jena Frumes. Derulo announced the pregnancy on his Instagram. The couple have been dating since March 2020. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Beyoncé’s Storage Units Raided by Thieves, $1 Million in Valuables Stolen

Thieves reportedly raided Beyoncé's storage units and made off with $1 million in valuables — Rap-Up (@RapUp) March 29, 2021 Per TMZ, three storage units in LA containing Beyoncé’s belongings were robbed. The thieves made off with more than $1 million dollars worth of items, including her expensive handbags and dresses. They later returned and took more handbags, kids toys, and photos belonging to one of Beyoncé’s stylists. Beyoncé is the latest celebrity to have their storage units robbed. Miley Cyrus’ storage space was also robbed in LA and other celeb storage units have been targeted. TMZ is reporting that the LAPD is investigating. Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Ana De Armas Hoping 'To Get To Know' 'Bridgeton' Star Regé-Jean Page

Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie. Post udostępniony przez OK! Magazine (@okmagazine) * After splitting from Ben Affleck, is Ana de Armas already moving onto Bridgerton breakout Rege-Jean Page; * “She’s hoping to get to know him better once they start shooting ("The Gray Man") in L.A.”; * Regé-Jean Page reportedly has a girlfriend - soccer player Emily Brown; * Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have split after 1 year of dating. source Regé-Jean Page tag perhaps? from Oh No They Didn't!

Disney+ announces cast for Obi-Wan Kenobi series

The incredible cast includes Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Moses Ingram, Joel Edgerton, Bonnie Piesse, Kumail Nanjiani, Indira Varma, Rupert Friend, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Sung Kang, Simone Kessell and Benny Safdie. — Disney+ (@disneyplus) March 29, 2021 Disney+ has dropped a casting announcement for their upcoming series based around Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi. The continuation of the Star Wars universe will also see Hayden Christensen reprise his role as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Joel Edgerton as Owen Lars. Indira Varma had been previously announced. Some new and exciting cast members include Moses Ingram, Kumail Nanjiani, Sung Kang, O'Shea Jackson Jr, and.... Benny Safdie. Production on the series begins soon. source from Oh No They Didn't!

ONTD Half-Original: 5 Uncomfortable Movie Costumes and Their Much More Comfortable Relatives

I pulled 5 (out of 15) costumes from this Cracked list of 15 Iconic Movie Costumes (That Were A Huge Pain In The Butt) and thought of 5 similar movie costumes (either from the same movie or actor) and compare them below! So, here are 5 really uncomfy (mostly superhero) movie outfits and their much more comfy relatives: Uncomfortable Outfit 1: Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse Pic: Film: X-Men: Apocalypse Why was it uncomfortable: The suit weighed over forty pounds and was so hot that Oscar Isaac-Blorpz had to go into a cooling tent between takes. Its more comfortable relative: Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron Pic: Films: Star Wars Episodes 7-9 Why it is more comfortable: It's cargo pants, a linen shirt, and a really cute jacket. It let Oscar breathe and looked so good that it made me want to pull a Holdo maneuver in the theatre. Though, if you ask me, it was simple enough that costume department had extra time to sew a camera into the driver's seat of the Millennium Falcon.