Marvel reportedly in awe of Chloe Zhao’s final ‘Eternals’ cut + Lego leaks ‘Shang-Chi’ spoilers.

First look at Marvel’s Eternals calendar:

- There are reports that Chloe Zhao “crushed” Eternals and Marvel is “almost in desbelief” about what they have on their hands, already considering it a better movie than Infinity War/Endgame with a lot of Awards potential.
- Chloe will probably be nominated for many awards this year for her work in Nomadland.

Also, once again, Lego has spoiled a Marvel movie with its toys. This time, we have a good look at Shang-Chi’s costume and the toy reveals what many leaks already mentioned: The dragon Fin Fang Foom as the main villain.

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ONTD, are you excited to see Eternals/Shang-Chi?

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