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Emma Watson allegedly engaged, also apparently retired from acting

Emma Watson has reportedly gone 'dormant' career-wise, according to her agent/publicist. This is Hollywood lingo for 'she's given up acting', according to the DM.

Checking her IMDb, this may not be a surprise since she filmed one movie in the past five years (only because Emma Stone dropped out of 'Little Women' at the last minute and Sony/Amazing Amy was desperate to work with her).

-- Is allegedly stepping down to spend time with rumored fiance Leo Robinton.
-- Apparently lives in seclusion in Ibiza where she's living the rich tax-evading life of drinking smoothies and reading the papers, as per the final journalists at the Mail. I guess I would too with a net worth of $80M.
-- Her PR people state she 'is not taking on new commitments'.

For those who may not believe the Mail, Emma's official Instagram is using the same 'dormant' lingo, for the past few months (whatever that means): https://www.instagram.com/emmawatson/

Source: https://twitter.com/emmawatsonperu/status/1363704726496436230

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