Crew Member told to remove BLM shirt on set of Gone Mom

- Gone Mom a TV movie is currently filming in Vancouver. Earlier this week a crew member was wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt but was told by a producer they had to remove it because it was "too political." When interveiwed the crew memember wished to be known as Billy because they were afraid of eventually losing work. Billy evenutally left the set and told producers they wouldn't be returning to work the next day.
- The next day more crew came wearing BLM shirts but were also told to remove them.
- When actors of the movie found out what happened they apparently began to call their managers to figure why that had happened some even threatened to walk off set.
- The word quickly spread on social media with calls for other productions in Vancouver to wear BLM as a show of support and solidarity with Billy. Crew on the set of shows like Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist shared pictures on social media of themselves and others on set wearing BLM shirts or masks - some crew even used gaff tape to spell out BLM on their clothes. There is also a call for everyone in the industry to wear BLM this upcoming Monday.
- A spokesperson for the production company, Slumber Productions, said that they encourage their staff to support any political or social issues they are passionate about and that's what led to a "misunderstanding" of Billy and others being ordered to remove their BLM shirts.
- The producer in question was removed from set and has since apologized.
- Billy defended their choice to wear the shirt saying that Black Lives Matter is not a political stance.


i was watching this unfold on socials before it was eventually covered by the news so i'm really glad the a network picked up the story. it's so upsetting that billy feels they have to be annoymous because they might loose work :( if socials are anything to go by it seems that when filming wrapped on gone mom almost everyone in the crew was wearing blm

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