Tamzin Merchant aka OG Daenerys on leaving the show "It wasn't exciting"

-10 years since shooting the Game of Thrones pilot, Tamzin Merchant who was originally cast as Daenerys Targaryen is speaking out for the first time.

-She originally backed out of the role after being cast only to be talked back into taking the role.

-During the scene where Daenerys rides a horse naked, Tamzan was afraid of doing the scene. The scene was different from what ended up in the 2nd pilot, most notably the horse that they used didnt get aroused and have his schlong hanging out during the filming of it.

-She didn't find the script or story compelling or exciting and is beyond happy that Emilia got the role.

-She did get a chuckle out of seeing promotion for GoT everywhere that featured Emilia as Daenerys when she'd go to auditions.

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