Is Megan Fox engaged to Machine Gun Kelly? Looks like the answer is 'no'

A post with its own followup!

Megan Fox was spotted wearing cat ears like that one ONTDer's coworker (I forget your username - please out yourself and tell us if he's still at it!) and a large "engagement ring" that may or may not end up on a future ONTD bracket. She wouldn't be the first celebrity to rush into an engagement (or marriage) during this pandemic. Please note that she isn't fully divorced from Brian Austin Green yet.

But, it seems that they aren't actually engaged. On her Instagram stories, she showed off her new manicure while wearing a ring that said "Fuck You" on her ring finger. A subtle message to the media!

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ONTD, have you met your twin flame during this pandemic?

from Oh No They Didn't!

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