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David Lynch Will Make An Announcement Tomorrow

David Lynch has an announcement to make on February 1, 2021. 🌑⚡️ #DavidLynch — Twin Peaks³⁰ (@ThatsOurWaldo) January 31, 2021 On today's weather report, David Lynch revealed he will make an announcement tomorrow, February 1st. Some believe it will be about season four of his Showtime revival series Twin Peaks: The Return. However, some think it will just be an announcement of his upcoming thirteen episode Netflix series , Unrecorded Night (or, Wisteria). Or it could just be that he discovered a new danish he enjoyed. Regardless, we'll find out tomorrow! Probably unrelated: Maybe this will be a time that’s both wonderful and strange 🪐 — Kyle MacLachlan (@Kyle_MacLachlan) January 20, 2021 Source , two , three from Oh No They Didn't!

K-Pop singer under fire for posing with Nazi mannequin

so from what i heard gfriend had a nazi soldier on their set then sowon decided to pose and take pics with it and only deleted it because 'the fans would be jealous' then sinb saved sowon on her phone as 'kitler' which is a mix of kim sojung and hitler, i honestly have no words. — MINA (@CHENJlCUB) January 31, 2021 Sowon (age 25) of the K-Pop girlgroup GFRIEND has been embroiled in a scandal after she uploaded lovey-dovey pictures of herself with a life-size mannequin wearing a Nazi uniform on her Instagram account. She quickly deleted the pictures and explained it was because she was afraid her fans would get jealous. Fans later discovered that this wasn't the group's first incident: In a 2016 livestream, bandmate SinB explained that she has saved Sowon as "Kitler" in her phone, a play on her real name Kim Sojung and H*tler. Neither Sowon, GFRIEND's company Source Music nor their parent company Big Hit Entertain

Scientists think they solved the Dyatlov Pass mystery, with the help of Frozen

Buckle up, everyone, this story is *wild*. The 62-year-old Dyatlov Pass mystery, in which nine students died at the hands of an unknown force, has likely been solved thanks to the movie Frozen and gruesome car crash experiments. Me, for @NatGeo + thread! — Dr Robin George Andrews 🌋 (@SquigglyVolcano) January 28, 2021 source 2 Dyatlov Pass incident tl;dr: nine Russian hikers mysteriously died in the Ural Mountains Using new computer simulation (based partially on animation techniques used in Disney's Frozen) scientists now think it was a small ice avalanche that destroyed their camp the avalanche theory previously got dismissed because the topography did not seem right for it, but the new calculations say it is possible A sudden avalanche out of ice blocks would explain the blunt force trauma injuries unresolved mysteries post? from Oh No They Didn't!

Free For All Sunday

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Get Your Limited-Edition Bret Michaels Funko Pop Now!

It's #FunkoPop #Friday & we're thrilled to announce the new #BretMichaels @OriginalFunko figurine 🎉 This limited edition collectible featuring Bret's signature style will hit retail stores in #March & is available for pre-order NOW on ! #Funko #funkofamily — Bret Michaels (@bretmichaels) January 29, 2021 Funko Pop has released a new Bret Michaels collectible figurine! One version has no hat and one version has a hat. Don't panic, but they are limited edition. so you have to act NOW to preorder one, because they will no doubt be so popular that everyone in the world will want one. View Poll: #2108476 source from Oh No They Didn't!

Weekend Box Office

The star-packed period crime-drama #TheLittleThings won another subdued race at the weekend box office with an estimated $4.8 million debut — The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) January 31, 2021 The Denzel/Leto/Malek trio thriller The Little Things took the top spot its debut weekend with $4.8 million. It's unknown how the film has done so far on HBO Max, but its Executive VP is very pleased with the results. The Croods 2 ($1.84), WW84 ($1.3) and The Marksman ($1.25) rounded out the top 4. HBO Max will debut GKids' Earwig and the Witch on Wednesday, with Netflix debuting Malcolm & Marie on Friday. Source , 1 from Oh No They Didn't!

John Krasinski Kissed Pete Davidson During SNL’s Opening Monologue, MGK and Pete Fall Offstage

"I think they really need for someone to be Pam." —Pete Davidson, moments before scoring a smooch from John Krasinski 😚 #SNL — Global TV (@GlobalTV) January 31, 2021 But why? Because Pete Davidson steps in as a substitute for Pam from “The Office,” and they’re cheered on by Keenan Thompson and the others to kiss. Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson also fell off the SNL stage during the closing of the show. Idek. Machine Gun Kelly tried to pick up Pete Davidson ABSOLUTELY ATE IT — Ben Palmer (@benjpalmer) January 31, 2021 Sources: 1 | 2 from Oh No They Didn't!

Season Premiere: SNL Hosted by John Krasinski, Musical Guest Machine Gun Kelly

We're live with @johnkrasinski and @machinegunkelly ! — Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) January 31, 2021 Tonight is the long-awaited season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Host is John Krasinski, musical guest is Machine Gun Kelly source from Oh No They Didn't!

ONTD Original: Top 20 Quotes/Lines/Dialogue Moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hello again, Lovelies! Welcome back to another installment of the ONTD Original series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! This is the 7th installment in the series, and today I'm going to call out my top 20 quotes, dialogues, or lines from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Guidelines for the contenders are: there are none. (Ha!) Basically, any character can say it, and it can be any length. These are the quotes, lines, or dialogue moments that meant the most to me, made me laugh, or just stuck with me as a standout "Buffy" moment. Disclaimer: The ranking is my opinion, and my opinion only. <3 I love commenting back and forth, and I'm absolutely open to opposing views, but please be kind and respectful to each other. These posts are bringing me such joy in the middle of intense isolation, and I truly enjoy making these posts and commenting back and forth with my fellow Buffy fans. <3. That being said, let's jump in! 20. Buffy: "Power. I have it. They don&#

Cardi B spends a lot of money on COVID tests

Facebook post Cardi shared on Twitter about how often her and her glam and management teams get tested for COVID-19, 4 times every week, also revealing that every test is about $250. So she’s paying $1,000 a week for COVID-19 tests per person. Though she hasn’t disclosed how many people her teams are composed by. Also explaining that paying for the testing is a necessity because of legal liabilities. Dismissing people saying that her tests spending is a luxury. Source 1 from Oh No They Didn't!

Jessica Simpson Comments On Subway’s Tuna Controversy

ugh we were just about to call you. confirmed. our tuna is 100% wild caught tuna and 100% not chicken. — Subway® (@SUBWAY) January 29, 2021 Successica Simpson took to Twitter to @Subway following their lawsuit, claiming that their tuna didn’t actually contain any real tuna . The “A Public Affair” singer tweeted, “It’s ok Subway. It IS confusing.” Subway then responded with, “ugh we were just about to call you. confirmed. our tuna is 100% wild caught tuna and 100% not chicken.” Silence brand. Do you eat tuna? Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Wendy Williams: The Movie premieres tonight

Here we go! Our #WendyWilliamsWatchParty starts right now!! #WendyWilliamsEvent #WendyWilliamsMovie — Lifetime (@lifetimetv) January 31, 2021 Ciera Payton stars as Wendy Williams in Lifetime's Emmy-eligible biopic about the media personality. On Lifetime 8/7c. source from Oh No They Didn't!

Free For All Saturday

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Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto to Star in Amazon Show Based on WeWork Scandal

New television content just keeps rollin' in. Amazon has announced a series based on the crash of WeWork, an office-sharing company that flopped dramatically. Someone keeps giving Jared Leto roles for some reason, as he is going to portray disgraced entrepreneur Adam Neumann . Anne Hathaway is also involved, playing Rebekah Newumann , the co-founder and Adam's wife. The series is based on the podcast WeCrashed . Whew, this scandal was a mess. source from Oh No They Didn't!

Rebel Wilson says people treat her better now that she’s skinnier

Facebook post Rebel Wilson has been documenting her weight loss journey of over a year on Instagram. “I’m trying to get to 75kg’s [165 lbs] and career wise am trying to get one of my movies into production before the end of the year! Both of these things require daily effort and there’s constant set backs, but I’m working hard x.” She wrote last year. Attaining her goal in November. This week on The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin, she talked about life post-weight loss. Revealing she’s always been confident but that people are more courteous, attentive and kind to her now. "Sometimes being bigger, people didn't necessarily look twice at you. Now that I'm in good shape, people offer to carry my groceries to the car and hold doors open for you." Source 1 from Oh No They Didn't!

Sia pays for Maddie Ziegler's 24-hour protection

Sia isn’t taking any chances with the safety of her long time collaborator Maddie Ziegler. — PerthNow (@perthnow) January 30, 2021 Sia isn’t taking any chances with the safety of Maddie Ziegler. She pays for security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Maddie because she feels “responsible” for her fame. Sia is “fiercely protective” of Ziegler who first worked with her in the 2014 music video for Chandelier. She often declines photo opportunities on behalf of Ziegler. “I can tell from Maddie’s face whether she wants to do it or she doesn’t. And so I either say, ‘No, you know, we’re not supposed to be in town’ or ‘We’re not doing photos today’ or ‘Actually we’re just having some family time.” source from Oh No They Didn't!

Shaka King: I don’t need white people to care about what I do, but I need money

Shaka King: I don't need white people to care about what I do, but I need money — Page Six (@PageSix) January 30, 2021 "Judas and the Black Messiah" director Shaka King opened up at the Sundance Film Festival about the struggles of finding financing as a black creator. King thought “Judas and the Black Messiah,” would easily receive studio financing given its power producer, Ryan Coogler and stars Lakeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya. But he was mistaken. “I’d think we’d walk into a bidding war situation, and all of the studios that we pitched to minus Warner Bros. just really came in and lowballed us in terms of what they were willing to give us to make a movie like this because they thought it wasn’t worth enough. They thought it wouldn’t … make enough money based upon the algorithms that they came up with that are totally ridiculous. When you hear that, capitalism, racism, ‘I thought you all liked making mone

Is Megan Fox engaged to Machine Gun Kelly? Looks like the answer is 'no'

A post with its own followup! Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly engaged? Huge ring sparks speculation — Page Six (@PageSix) January 30, 2021 Megan Fox was spotted wearing cat ears like that one ONTDer's coworker (I forget your username - please out yourself and tell us if he's still at it!) and a large "engagement ring" that may or may not end up on a future ONTD bracket. She wouldn't be the first celebrity to rush into an engagement ( or marriage ) during this pandemic. Please note that she isn't fully divorced from Brian Austin Green yet. But, it seems that they aren't actually engaged. On her Instagram stories, she showed off her new manicure while wearing a ring that said "Fuck You" on her ring finger. A subtle message to the media! Megan Fox rocks 'f–k you' ring following MGK engagement speculation — Page Six (@Page

The creators of "Once Upon a Time" are back at ABC with another Disney fairytales drama

ABC has ordered a pilot drama from the creators of 'Once Upon a Time,' with sources saying the romantic anthology will reinvents fairy tales from Disney properties — The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) January 29, 2021 are back in business at ABC. ABC network has handed out pilot order to anthology drama "Epic" from the Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Epic is described as a romantic anthology that reinvents fairy tales for a new audience. Their previous show Once Upon a Time that also put a spin on classic Disney fairytales characters wrapped in May 2018 after a 7 season run. source from Oh No They Didn't!

Oral History of The Emperor's New Groove

An oral history of The Emperor’s New Groove, an irreverent, pratfall-heavy, non sequitur of an animated movie that so defied Disney’s traditions, it’s hard to believe it actually exists today. @BilgeEbiri reports — Vulture (@vulture) January 28, 2021 (if you're having trouble reading the article, try opening it in incognito mode on your browser) - The Emperor's New Groove started its life as The Kingdom of the Sun , based upon Incan creation myth, but also based upon Prisoner of Zenda (prince kidnapped by enemies and look-alike cousin standing in for him), The Prince and the Pauper , and then the then-director thought up Yzma as a villain, a high priestess who wanted to gain control and also regain her youth and beauty. So basically there were a lot of plot points - this becomes important. - Original cast was David Spade (Kuzco), Eartha Kitt (Yzma, but Eisner wanted Barbra Streisand for the part), and Owen Wilson (Pacha) - With the success of

The Mandalorian is the most pirated TV show of 2020

THE MANDALORIAN Ends GAME OF THRONES Streak as Most Pirated Show of 2020 — ComicBook NOW! (@ComicBookNOW) January 4, 2021 * The Mandalorian has been named the most pirated TV show of 2020; * Game of Thrones was the most-pirated TV show for seven years running; * No. 2 is Amazon Prime Video‘s The Boys while HBO’s Westworld enters at No. 3. source from Oh No They Didn't!

SOPHIE passes away from tragic accident — Transgressive (@transgressiveHQ) January 30, 2021 Scottish musician Sophie Xeon, better known mononymously as SOPHIE, passed away from a tragic accident. source from Oh No They Didn't!

Who went home on episode 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 13?

Mini Challenge: The queens get into quick baby drag, then dance off in Baby Got Back. Maxi Challenge: The Bag Ball Guest Judge: Nicole Byer (make her permanent!!! immediately!) Winner: Gottmik Bottom queens: LaLa Ri, Joey Jay Eliminated: Joey Jay Lip-sync song: Iggy Azalea - Fancy(ft. Charli XCX) source: my TV Please support our RPDR queens AND your local queens during this pandemic. Buy their merch, donate to their venmo/paypal/cashapp, and send messages of support. Also, PLEASE put your Reddit spoilers under a spoiler tag. from Oh No They Didn't!


Clips from episode 6 of Wandavision (2 weeks from to tonight) leaked and THEY’RE SPOILERY AS HELL! BEWARE SPOILERS!! - The clips show Vision coming out of Westview and asking Darcy for help. - Monica's having a debate with SWORD Director on how they're going to deal with Wanda. - Billy and Tommy telling Wanda that something is wrong. - EVAN PETER AS MULTIVERSE QUICKSILVER MOCKS WANDA AND SHE SHUTS HIM DOWN. Watch leaked scenes here , before they get taken down. from Oh No They Didn't!

Free For All Friday

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T.I. Responds to Allegations of Sex Trafficking

An update to this post. TI responds to Sexual Abuse Allegations — BallerAlert (@balleralert) January 29, 2021 T.I. has responded to claims of sex trafficking in an 8 minute video, denying all claims and suggesting that people submit baseless claims to blog sites to get "clout". Halfway through the video, he states that women deserve to be heard but that the allegations against him are untrue. "Whatever we ever have done has been done with consenting adults" "We never trafficked anything. well sexually trafficked anything" "I was born to be in this position to face pressure... God put me here for this" Source 1 from Oh No They Didn't!

Sex and the City Actor Jason Lewis Seen Shooting Rice at Cats

@savingpussies This guy has been shooting at the cats I feed. The homeless cats who lost their owner. ##fyp ##foryou ##animalcruelty is never ok. ♬ original sound - Opel Barnes Actor Jason Lewis, known for playing Samantha Jones’ beau Smith Jerrod, was seen recently shooting rice at stray cats in a tiktok posted yesterday. An IG post also noted that the cats owner died a few months ago and that she had been trying to feed the cats when he came out. Source 1 , 2 not sure what the consensus is on shooting rice out of an airsoft gun(?), but i would however see anyone shooting at any animal with anything as pretty cruel -edited the title for clarity from Oh No They Didn't!

Katherine Heigl is looking back on those 'difficult person' accusations

In an interview with The Washington Post (via CNN), the 42-year-old actress opened up about the time she was branded "difficult" and Hollywood started "shunning" her " I may have said a couple of things you didn't like, but then that escalated to 'she's ungrateful ,' then that escalated to ' she's difficult ,' and that escalated to ' she's unprofessional ,'" said Heigl. "What is your definition of difficult? Somebody with an opinion that you don't like?" She most famously called Judd Apatow's "Knocked Up "a little sexist" for making certain women appear as "shrews." Heigl said she wasn't deterred from speaking her mind back then, adding,: "You can be the most awful, difficult, horrible person on the planet, but if you're making them money, they're going to keep hiring you ... but then my films started to make not quite as much money." She sa

George Clooney on why he chose traditional names for his kids

George Clooney covers AARP The Magazine. He explains why he and Amal chose the names Ella and Alexander for their 3-year-old twins. "I didn't want, like, weird-ass names for our kids," he said of his kids Ella and Alexander. "They're already going to have enough trouble. It's hard being the son of somebody famous and successful. Paul Newman's son killed himself. Gregory Peck's son killed himself. Bing Crosby had two sons kill themselves. I have an advantage because I'm so much older that by the time my son would feel competitive, I'll literally be gumming bread." source source from Oh No They Didn't!

Justice League Snyder Cut gets premiere date

Zack Snyder’s Justice League premieres March 18 exclusively on HBO Max. #SnyderCut — HBO Max (@hbomax) January 29, 2021 The 4-hour Snyder Cut of Justice League will drop on HBO Max March 18th. source: from Oh No They Didn't!

Tamzin Merchant aka OG Daenerys on leaving the show "It wasn't exciting"

. @tamzinmerchant candidly discusses "the great lesson" of appearing in #GameOfThrones scrapped pilot.​ — Entertainment Weekly (@EW) January 28, 2021 -10 years since shooting the Game of Thrones pilot, Tamzin Merchant who was originally cast as Daenerys Targaryen is speaking out for the first time. -She originally backed out of the role after being cast only to be talked back into taking the role. -During the scene where Daenerys rides a horse naked, Tamzan was afraid of doing the scene. The scene was different from what ended up in the 2nd pilot, most notably the horse that they used didnt get aroused and have his schlong hanging out during the filming of it. -She didn't find the script or story compelling or exciting and is beyond happy that Emilia got the role. -She did get a chuckle out of seeing promotion for GoT everywhere that featured Emilia as Daenerys when she'd go to auditions. Source from Oh No They Didn't! h

Breaking: Subway Tuna Doesn’t Actually Contain Any Tuna (Allegedly)

Subway’s tuna is not tuna, but a "mixture of various concoctions," a lawsuit alleges — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) January 29, 2021 Oh my. Just a few months after Subway was accused of their bread not actually being bread , the chain sees itself in yet another food controversy. This time? It’s the tuna. Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin of California’s Alameda County recently filed a lawsuit accusing the restaurant franchise of misrepresenting its tuna sandwich. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges Subway’s tuna is “made from anything but tuna.” The suit claims “the filling in the products has no scintilla of tuna at all.” Based on independent lab tests of “multiple samples” taken from Subway locations in California, the “tuna” is “a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by defendants to imitate the appearance of tuna,” according to

Titans adds Tim Drake to packed Season 3

#DCTitans Season 3 Casts @JayLycurgo as Robin No. 3 — (@TVLine) January 28, 2021 -Just when you thought there couldnt be anymore characters or Batfam in Titans...they add another one.. -Jay Lycurgo will be joining the show as Tim Drake/Robin, Bruce's latest protege mere months after Jason Todd leaves to become Red Hood. -Season 3 will feature Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Barbara Gordon making it the first time this many members of the Batfamily have appeared on screen together in live action. -Fun fact: Ryan Potter who plays Beast Boy is an avid Tim Drake fan and lobbied to play the character years ago for Ben Afflecks failed Batman movie. In fact it is his audition that won him Beast Boy (though I bet he wishes he waited 2 years) Savannah Welch já terminado para a 3ª temporada com a equipe de dublês. #DCTitans — Titans Brasil (@DCUTitansBR) January 19, 2021 -BTS footage of

T.I. and Tiny face sex trafficking allegations

T.I. and Tiny face sex trafficking allegations — Rap-Up (@RapUp) January 28, 2021 multiple victims have spoken up about being drugged by t.i. and tiny and coerced into sexual activity. some of the victims being as young as 15 years old. source= from Oh No They Didn't!

Rihanna Remembers She Had A Music Career, Celebrates ANTI’s 5th Anniversary with Tweet Thanking Navy

thank you navy! #5yearsofANTI #ANTIversary — Rihanna (@rihanna) January 29, 2021 Avon Lady took to Twitter to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of her eighth studio album, ANTI, and thanked her fans (The Navy). “Kiss It Better” remains perfection and y’all will deal. What are your favorite songs off ANTI? @rihanna Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Hollywood Icon Cicely Tyson, dies at 96

Cicely Tyson, Pioneering Hollywood Icon, Dies at 96 — Variety (@Variety) January 29, 2021 -Star of stage and screen Cicely Tyson died today at age 96 - She was known for her dignified performances in "Sounder", "Roots", "Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," and countless other roles Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Hollywood Icon Cicely Tyson, dies at 96

Cicely Tyson, Pioneering Hollywood Icon, Dies at 96 — Variety (@Variety) January 29, 2021 -Star of stage and screen Cicely Tyson died today at age 96 - She was known for her dignified performances in "Sounder", "Roots", "Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," and countless other roles Source from Oh No They Didn't!

Armie Hammer 'Exits' "The Offer", Chalamet & Gaudanigno Collab on Cannibal Movie.... (?????)

Amid controversy, Armie Hammer has exited the upcoming Paramount Plus series “The Offer,” which tells the behind the scenes story of the making of #TheGodfather . — Variety (@Variety) January 28, 2021 Just over a week after exiting JLo's upcoming action comedy "Shotgun Wedding" citing wanting to spend time with his children (which he has allegedly still not seen since well before that statement was made, and having bailed on for 6 months mid-pandemic), Armie Hammer has now exited another major project. Upcoming Paramount docuseries "The Offer" dramatizes producer Al Ruddy's experience making "The Godfather" in 1972, and Hammer was previously announced in the main role of Ruddy. Hammers' exit has yet to be formally addressed by Hammer or Paramount, however sources have alleged that Hammer, presently embroiled in a sex-abuse and substance-abuse scandal, is currently uninsurable. Idek w

TV Characters Who Disappeared Without a Trace

27 TV Characters Who Disappeared Without a Trace, From #Friends to #GreysAnatomy — (@TVLine) January 28, 2021 source 5/27 TV Characters Who Disappeared Without a Trace - Gwen, The Mindy Project - Mark Brendanawicz, Parks and Recreation - Eve, Dawson's Creek - Erica Hahn, Grey's Anatomy - Mandy Hampton, The West Wing from Oh No They Didn't!

ONTD Original: Why Benedict and Eloise Bridgerton Are Too Gay to Function

Alternate titles include "Why Benedict and Eloise Bridgerton Are the Gay Agenda" and "Netflix, They're Lesbians". ONTD, I think we can all collectively come together and agree that Benedict and Eloise Bridgerton, two of the billion Bridgerton siblings, are gay. Now the show will tell you that they're not gay by coding them as gay, setting up potential gay awakenings, and having them talk about how they don't fit in with the rest of their family and society (because they're gay). But I am here to provide the facts of the case that these two characters are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Let's go! Benedict Bridgerton The Facts: Benedict is the second eldest son of the Bridgerton family He's super into art but fears that it isn't a suitable career/lifestyle for his socioeconomic station Makes friends with an eccentric older gay gentleman who encourages him to pursue his passions in a safe space His closest friend is his sister