WB sees Snyders Justice League as a dead end + future of DC extended universe?

-Even though WB gave Zack Snyder an alleged $70 million to complete his Justice League cut...they dont see the film doing anything for the future of the DC extended universe.

-They have no plans for a Zack Snyder led Justice League sequel or to have him helm anymore films in the universe anytime soon.

-His film will restore 4 hrs of the film which includes more Amazons, Iris West, and more. A far cry from the 2hr edit that they wanted Whedon to deliver for theaters.

-President of DC films revealed that the current idea for the DC Universe is to release 2 films a year on HBO MAX for their smaller/riskier characters (rumros being Static Shock and Batgirl to jump things off)

-Release up to 4 DC films in theaters

-Spin off characters from the films into their own HBO Max shows

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