🚨 Important 🚨 Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Available For Pre-Order NOW!

In "GO, GO, GOOO" news: Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available for pre-order on the PS4, PS5, those weird Xbox machine things that people apparently spend money on, and PC!

That's $59.99 USD on Amazon, on top of whatever system you plan on getting if you aren't already a PC gamer.

As per the source, in case you missed it:
This new collection features the single-player content from all three games, plus all the DLC, promo weapons, armor, and packs made available since their original release. All content from all of the games will be fully remastered, with cleaner textures, faster frame rates, and 4K UHD optimization.

Also, for you extra nerdy nerds, Gaming Heads has come up with a Commander Shepard collectible (sorry, saying FemShep is redundant because default Commander Shepard is female, but you know this). This comes after the Thane and Wrex collectible releases - many of which are being shipped to fans as we speak.

Many sources simply state that the Legendary Edition is set to release Spring 2021, while others specify February 2021.

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Is February considered Spring?

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