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EW gives new Pixar movie "Luca" a B+

'Luca' is small-fry Pixar, a sunny Mediterranean trifle set in a postcard Italian village by the sea. But it's a winning one. — Entertainment Weekly (@EW) June 18, 2021 -Movie is currently streaming on Disney+ for no additional charge beyond standard subscription. -EW calls it a "sweetly soulful all-ages dip in la dolce vita." -"Luca" tells the story of a two young mer-boys who venture into their local human village. Source Just an excuse for a discussion post, have you watched it ONTD? I watched it once and want to watch it again tbh.  from Oh No They Didn't!
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Macy gray wants to redesign the USA flag

Macy Gray Wants to Redesign American Flag to Reflect Modern U.S. — TMZ (@TMZ) June 19, 2021 Macy Gray thinks America's current version of the flag is "tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect", on her penned op-ed. Claiming that the American flag's rep was dragged through the mud permanently, and beyond repair, during the capitol riot events carried by a bunch of MAGA truthers. She says that numerically the stars are off, and should be adjusted to 52, to take D.C. and Puerto Rico into account (which have been lobbying for statehood for a good long while now), also suggesting color changes to reflect modern-day America. The stark white stripes should be off-white and the stars changed to reflect every skin tone of melanin in the nation. The blue square and red stripes, which stand for vigilance/perseverance and valor, respectively, can stay because she believes the USA is still very much that. Do you like your country’s flag? How woul

The Handmaid's Tale Finale Recap and Cast Comments

Wednesday's #HandmaidsTaleFinale earned an average reader grade of "A," while Season 4 received an overall grade of "A-" — read our recap and weigh in on [Spoiler]'s vicious death: — (@TVLine) June 17, 2021 #TheHandmaidsTale EP Breaks Down the 'Irresistible Force' That Leads June to Take Fatal, Game-Changing Action — (@TVLine) June 17, 2021 #TheHandmaidsTale : Elisabeth Moss Says Bloody Season 4 Finale Makes June the 'Kind of Warrior She's Going to Be' — (@TVLine) June 17, 2021 #TheHandmaidsTale : Yvonne Strahovski Says Serena 'Will Know in Her Heart' That June Was Behind Finale Shocker — (@TVLine) June 17, 2021 - June is angry about the deal and sets things in motion to get Fred handed over to Gilead instead of his immunity deal - Lawrence agrees and gives them 20 (or

The Queen sends out call for volunteers to weed Sandringham

Watch: Be a royal weeder! Queen Elizabeth appeals for volunteers to weed her Sandringham estate — The Independent (@Independent) June 19, 2021 - 20 lucky wellie-lickers will be given the opportunity to learn how to properly weed the Queen's gardens from 9AM to 3:30PM on June 25th. Volunteers are asked to bring water, sunscreen, and gloves for a day of appreciating the work that goes into maintaining the estate. - Unfortunately, this email only went out to people who pay for a Sandringham membership, so not just anyone will be allowed to sort the peonies from the pissenlits. There may be future volunteer opportunities, so if you wanna pay £45 to get in on it, there's the link. SOURCE from Oh No They Didn't!